Operation of a park of national importance

Third step: Establishment

During the establishment phase the park sponsorship prepares a Charta with the participation of the community, the lobbies and the management. The Charta is the fundamental planning instrument for operating a park and consists of a park contract, a management plan as well as a 4-year plan. While the contract and the management plan are prepared with a time frame of ten years, the detail projects are each examined after four years and if necessary revised and amended.

Fourth step: Operation

If a candidate satisfies all requirements for the operating phase, it receives the label “park of national importance” from the federal government. This award is granted for ten years. If the results of the initial ten years of operation are positive, then the park can apply for a second ten-year operating phase with a revised Charta.

Park of national importance

The label “park of national importance” is a protected label. It may only be applied by the parks which have been recognised by the federal government.


Guidelines for the planning, establishment and operation of parks of national importance you find in German, French and Italian by the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN